Jodie Blum

Executive Director


This council consists of thoughtful professional leaders in the mental health industry who advise the Dr. Brandt Foundation Executive team on new research, responsible messaging/content, and ideas for measurable and sustainable impact. 

Anim Aweh

Licensed Mental
Health Clinician

Ana Campo

U of Miami, Professor of Psychiatry; University of Miami Miller School
of Medicine (Retired)

Kevin Dedner, MHP
Founder/CEO of Hurdle

Charlie Gross

Licensed Therapist and
Sounds of Saving

Kristin Nichols-Lopez – PhD

Associate Chair/Director,
Professional Counseling
Psychology Master's Program, FlU

Abigail Makepeace- MFT

Licensed Marriage
and Family Therapist

Stephanie Peabody, PsyD, HSPP

Neuropsychologist; Founder and Executive Director, Brain Health Initiative

Jackie Rosen

Co-Founder of Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention