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The Shoe Surgeon

On December 7th, 2018, the first #sayiloveyou Speaker Series was launched with Dominic Ciambrone, the Shoe Surgeon, to share his story and breakdown the stigmas around mental health.

This event took place during Art Basel in Miami. Other Panelists such as Stéphane Colleu, CEO of Dr. Brandt Skincare and Ana Campos, M.D., professor at Miami University, were present to initiate the conversation and show individuals that it is fine to speak about mental health journey. This event took place during Art Basel in Miami.

Who is Dominic Ciambrone, the Shoe Surgeon?

Using the classic Air Force 1 silhouette as his canvas, Dominic’s personal handwritten story was incorporated into the panels of the shoe – the good and the bad, his real experiences of battling depression and anxiety, the positivity of finding a way to channel those feelings – illustrating the spectrum of emotions that ultimately led to the creation of a beautiful masterpiece.


No matter what the story is, the emotions felt, the things that happened/will happen – Everyone's story is art. We all paint different pictures, but each consists of a variety of emotions to create a bigger picture. Dominic will share his story so that we can learn, listen, and be inspired.         

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