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Post a heart and a heartfelt thank you, I Love You or an uplifting message to loved one(s) on Instagram using #SayILoveYou, and tagging @drbrandt. and @drbrandtfoundation. Then nominate 5 other people to do the same


For every share, Dr. Brandt® Skincare will donate $1 to the Dr. Brandt Foundation to provide support for the physicians at the University of Miami on the front lines battling this pandemic



To mark its fifth anniversary, the Dr. Brandt® Foundation is a bold step forward in creating a national dialogue about mental health concerns and pioneering a change in our social consciousness. 

Our Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator will be wrapped with symbols of love to support the Dr. Brandt® Foundation. 

During this unprecedented time of fear and uncertainty, Dr. Brandt® skincare & the Dr. Brandt® Foundation will focus their efforts on people who truly need it the most.

For every unit sold, Dr. Brandt® Skincare will donate $1 to the Dr. Brandt Foundation to provide the University of Miami Health System personal protective equipment including masks, face shields, and gloves to protect physicians who are on the front lines caring for those in need.


Florida Capitol Day


Lights of Hope

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Nike Panel 

"Our goal is to breakdown the stigmas around mental health by initiating conversations – sharing real experiences to show individuals that it’s ok to talk about our mental health journeys. It’s a focus on self-care"

Stéphane Colleu, CEO Dr. Brandt® Skincare

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The Dr. Brandt® Foundation is dedicated to mental health well-being by committing to a safe and healthy way to help, advocate for, and educate individuals and the community.

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