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For National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, we are committing $25,000 to mental health provider, TalkSpace. Our donation will fund over 100,000 hours of online health services, aiding over 500 individuals in need.



In light of the pandemic and on-going fight for justice in the Black Community, our annual #SayILoveYou campaign will highlight the urgent need to support the Black Community with culturally responsive care.



At Dr. Brandt®, our skincare products, backed by science, are only a small part of our brand's overall healthy aging philosophy. This philosophy is the culmination of Dr. Brandt's vision and holistic approach to treating the skin. We continue his legacy by not only supporting the well-being of your skin but ensuring that you have a healthy way to cope with the stress you are experiencing right now. The Dr. Brandt® Foundation* is dedicated to well-being and creating a safe and healthy way to help, advocate for, and educate individuals and the community about mental health issues.

*a fiscal sponsorship fund of The Miami Foundation


Florida Capitol Day


Lights of Hope

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"Our goal is to breakdown the stigmas around mental health by initiating conversations – sharing real experiences to show individuals that it’s ok to talk about our mental health journeys. It’s a focus on self-care"

Stéphane Colleu, CEO Dr. Brandt® Skincare

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The Dr. Brandt® Foundation is dedicated to mental health well-being by committing to a safe and healthy way to help, advocate for, and educate individuals and the community.

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